Heavy Rigid Restricted Truck Licence

Heavy Rigid Truck Licence

(Restricted or B Condition or Synchro)

  • The Heavy Rigid Licence covers vehicles with three axles with a gross vehicles mass (GVM) over eight tonnes.
  • The Heavy Rigid Restricted licence covers Synchromesh or an AutomaticTruck.
  • Candidates for the Heavy Rigid Truck Restricted licence must have held their car licence for two years or more.
  • There is a written test to be completed at your local Queensland Department of Transport which consists of 10 multiple choice questions. You can practice the questions on line.  (Click here to Practice).
  • Heavy Rigid lessons can be scheduled to suit individuals and Heavy Rigid courses are competency based.
  • The Heavy Rigid (Restricted) licence can generally be completed in six to eight hours plus a Department test.